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gathering people to bring


Welcome to The Gathering People!  Our mission is simply: Gathering People to bring Heaven Here Now. Our belief is that Jesus Christ didn’t come into this world to just deliver the promise of people going to heaven after they die; His Good News was “the Kingdom of God has come near!” (Mark 1:14). Our mission is tied to the belief that the calling and purpose of all people is to participate in God’s mission to bring Heaven Here Now. We exist to help gather and mobilize people for this work, beginning in our local here and now.


We aim to do this tangibly through our vision statement which is: To mobilize a network of leaders, helpers, and healers to meet the greatest unmet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in a local community. When we look at Jesus’ Ministry, we see him demonstrating “Heaven Here Now” by tangibly meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that He encountered. Jesus also specifically ministered in His home community where He was known and trusted.


Our first target group of “leaders, helpers and healers” begins with the Christian community, so we begin to create strong relationships and partnerships between Christian non-profits, Churches, businesses, and mental health providers. Our primary effort to do this involves providing a monthly “GO Day” which provides organized opportunities to serve together to address local needs that have been discovered by the different network members and curated by The Gathering People.


Heaven Here Now happens whenever people begin to follow Jesus’ example of what loving action looks like. We believe Jesus’ words and ways are the most trustworthy path to follow and form the guiding principles of everything we do.


People are always worth it. We believe that strong, safe, and authentic relationships create trust, which is the most valuable commodity in this world. So, we will choose to cultivate relational depth and strength whenever possible.


We believe that a vital principle of how God’s Love works is that it begins at home and extends first to immediate neighbors. This forms strong, stable bonds that can support future expansion. Because of this, we have a distinct focus that seeks to work first within a geographically close, local community whenever possible.


 It’s been said that “Variety is the spice of life”. We believe that one of the foundations of a healthy community is a commitment to unity in the midst of diversity. We value different viewpoints and seek a leadership culture that includes a diverse set of experiences from the young and old, men and women, and from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.


Cooperation is a better game than competition. When we work together, form partnerships, and share resources to tangibly love others, we create a Christ Collective capable of bringing Heaven Here Now.


We believe that being a helper to the weak, vulnerable, hurting, oppressed, and marginalized is intrinsic to God’s Character and our Calling as His empowered image-bearers. We have not been put here to serve ourselves, but to serve one another in love.

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