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Gathering Kids environment is for birth through elementary-aged kids. Kids are divided in age appropriate environments to make sure they get the most out of their time with us.

But here’s what we really believe is important for you to know about Gathering Kids:


When our kids show up on Sunday morning, we believe that the Bible should NEVER be boring, that worship can be really loud, and that the best leaders ALWAYS care. Kids will experience large group Bible stories, crafts that never just involve a crayon and paper, games that will have them moving for Jesus, and snacks that correlate to the lesson handcrafted themselves! In other words, your kids will always be engaged and we want to make sure that our kids experience the acceptance and joy of knowing their Heavenly Father. 

We want our kids to see how God’s word applies to their lives and how his truth really tells them how to live. That’s what Gathering Kids is all about! 

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