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SATURDAY  |  November 4


We are a group of people working to bring tangible good to our community by meeting the most pressing and persistent needs. Go Days are year round service days for local families and non-profit organizations.

We are actively serving as many individuals and organizations as we can, but we need YOUR help to take these first steps into growing this mission into a community-wide movement!


Want to be contacted regarding opportunities to serve whenever they arise? Let us know!


Sign up specifically for our Go Day on April 27!

Childcare options available.


Can't join us on Go Day, but want to contribute to bringing Heaven Here NOW?


There are many ways you can help make Go Days happen! Many needs being met require some construction, landscaping, or other specialized skill. If your business specializes in any of these needs, and you are interested in sponsoring a Go Day project, we would love to partner with you. Find out more about how you can help, and what we can do HERE.

If you would like to participating by serving on a project during our next Go Day, let us know! We have a variety of continuous projects requiring all different skill levels - we would love to help you find a place to serve! Let us know you'd like to help HERE.

All of our projects are completely funded by people like you!  Will you consider making a tax-deductible donation today? We don't believe in guilt-based giving, we simply want to invite you into being a part of something amazing - something that is tangibly changing lives in this community.  You may make a donation, or sign up to be a financial partner HERE.

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