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At The Gathering, we've always said that church isn't about a building - it's a community of believers! 2020 has been an unprecedented year for everyone - "churches" included! We believe that the most loving thing we can do right now to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 is to change the way we meet on Sunday mornings.

Mini-Gatherings give us an opportunity to meet in person, while staying as safe as possible! By keeping our Gatherings small, we can help limit the people with whom we come into contact, and find a Gathering that meets the level of safety you're comfortable with (we have zoom mini-gatherings available if you aren't quite ready to meet in person)!

We also believe that Mini-Gatherings provide a unique opportunity to build community and provide a safe landing spot for those who have been hurt by religion, or who aren't comfortable in a typical 'religious' environment. 2020 may not be what we expected, but we are so excited in the direction God is taking us in the midst of all this!

We know you probably still have some questions, so please check out the FAQs below, and fill out the form so that we can help you find a Mini-Gathering that is perfect for you and your family!


What is it? 

Mini-gatherings are a way for people to connect and gather in a safe way with 10-15 people.


Where do they take place? 

We will encourage people that feel comfortable to become a host home for mini-gatherings. They will provide food, and a safe space to meet. We will provide the worship, service, and some discussion topics! (If you are interested in becoming a host home, please fill out the form below)! If you feel unsafe in an in-person gathering, we also have online Mini-Gatherings available!


What will happen at the mini-gatherings? 

During mini-gatherings, the group will enjoy some food together, fellowship, and watch a specially formatted service to include discussion questions. We are excited about this format because we believe it will help build relationships and foster community!


What about the kids? 

We have childcare available at several of our Mini-Gatherings. We are passionate about reaching the next generation of believers and have specially formatted activities and lessons for the children's volunteers at each Mini-Gathering to help your little one learn and discover the love of Jesus!


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