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GO DAY is going to Atlanta!
The Gathering People are partnering with Georgia Tech CCF to bring Heaven Here Now on their campus and beyond. Below are a list of ways you can get involved to help!


  • Homeless Ministry: First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta is moving their homeless ministry and needs help. We will move everything they need and set up all materials to make sure they can serve the people that need help the most. With the cold weather moving in, this ministry will be such an asset to those struggling with homelessness. 

  • Luke's Legacy: The Holidays can be such a hard time to those that have lost loved ones or been through traumatic experiences. Letting these families know that they are not alone and by making baskets to serve these families will be something so small that will make such a big impact.

  • Local Family in Need: We will be helping a local family in need. It make be building a roof or it may be cooking food. We're going to find a local family that needs support and love on them.

EVERGREEN CHURCH in Peachtree City, GA

  • Partner with 4HEROS: People risk their lives daily to serve us, now it's time for us to serve them! At the 4HEROS site, you'll cook for a local firestation in need. With the effects of the pandemic and our current political climate, our service men and women need encouragement, love, and our presence. These people risk their lives daily to serve us, now its our turn to serve them.

  • Bath Reno for Mr. Ferrell: Mr. Ferrell's bathroom is not in a condition to where it can be used. Can you imagine having to drive somewhere else just to be able to use the bathroom or shower? With your help, Mr. Ferrell will be able to utilize his bathroom and feel at home. 

  • Kids Site: Thanksgiving is right around the corner- we will be packing bags for families in need! From mashed potatoes to pie- everyone deserves a warm Thanksgiving meal. These bags will be handed out by the i58 MISSION the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

  • Food Site: Set up a self serve breakfast and lunch bar to-go for volunteers.

  • E3 Mentoring: We believe in meeting not just the physical need at hand, but holistic healing for the people we serve. The E3 Mentoring program will encourage, empower, and equip you to lead and serve emotionally and spiritually as well.

  • Childcare Site: Help care for children birth- 4 years old while their parents serve on alternate sites.

  • Yardwork: Help beautify the grounds of a local neighbor.

Have questions or need more help signing up? We're Here to Help!

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