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What are we binge watching in Quarantine?

Have you made it through all of Netflix yet? The staff of The Gathering shares their viewing must-haves for quarantine!


1. Hot Rod - An Andy Samburg comedy, Rod Kimble is a lovable loser who is without a doubt the world's worst stuntman, and probably the only one that performs on a moped.

2. Arrival - Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star in this sci-fi thriller that has a new spin on your typical alien movies.

3. Down With Love - This is the opposite of your typical rom-com and stars Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor

4. Stardust - This is an epic fantasy movie based on Neil Gaiman's amazing novel of the same name.

5. The Matrix - This 1999 sci-fi/action film starring Keanu Reaves and Laurence Fishburne has aged incredibly well, and has a story that is still relevant to us all today.


1. Friends - Who doesn't love this classic 90's comedy that follows 6 Manhattan friends through every possible life experience?!

2. The Chosen - This multi-season show about the life of Christ is turning heads - in a good way. These characters are fresh and relatable.

3. The Marvel Series - The Marvel Cinematic Universe contains 23 movies and includes comic favorites like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, and more.

4. Parenthood - If you're looking for something to binge, this is a 6 season comedy drama following 3 generations of the Braverman family.

5. Up - This 2009 Disney Pixar film is a heartwarming story of love and commitment and will make you cry in the way only a Disney Pixar movie can.


1. The Harry Potter Series - I know Grace will have this one, so I'll let her tell you about it!


2. The Shack - A fantasy/drama about a man facing a crisis of faith and his journey to find important truths that will change his life.

3. The Hunger Games - this dystopian universe is starting to hit a little close to home, but is a great way to start conversation about the role of government and what are the things worth fighting for.


4. The Greatest Showman - a musical featuring Hugh Jackman that follows the life of PT Barnum and the birth of his famous circus.

5. Jurassic Park - This classic 1993 sci-fi movie has aged so well, and who doesn't love dinosaurs?!


6. Napoleon Dynamite - This is an indie/comedy about an awkward high schooler, his best friend, and their campaign to become class president.

7. Groundhog Day - Bill Murray plays a cynical weatherman who ends up stuck repeating the same day over and over again.

8. Men in Black - Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith star in this sci-fi series that addresses the question, 'what if aliens were already living amongst us?'


1. Parks and Recreation - This binge-worthy satirical, political sitcom has something for everybody. Spanning 7 seasons, this show will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with these relationships.

2. - Avengers - I know Katie has the MCU on her list (I completely agree all 23 movies are worth watching!), but if you don't want to quite commit to the whole universe just yet, check out the 2012 superhero movie that changed them all, AVENGERS!

3. Other superhero movies - The MCU has my heart and it will always get a lot of love from me. But if you want to check out some other superhero films with different characters and different vibes, check out: Logan, The Dark Knight, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, and Joker.

4. Frozen 2 - I'm not even sure if I like this movie I've watched it so much at this point, but it's on in my house everyday, multiple times a day and my son loves it. The music is 10/10!

5. Harry Potter - Yes, Shelby warned you I would have this on my list, but honestly - DON'T watch the movies - go read the books instead because they're amazing!

6. The Crown - This Netflix original series has 3 seasons that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II and follows her life, and that of the royal family's, from the 1940's culminating with the Queen's Silver Jubilee. This show is wonderful at bringing history to life.

7. Contagion - just kidding - don't watch that. That was a huge mistake on my part!

*Honorable mentions: Shelby nailed it when he included Jurassic Park and The Greatest Showman!

So what do you think? Did we cover it all? Is there anything we NEED to be watching? Leave your list in the comments below!

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