a new way to do sunday

Our passion at the gathering is to be a community that helps people let go of religion and rediscover Jesus. That goes well beyond Sunday mornings, but let's talk about Sunday mornings for a bit.  One of our main values is this idea that relationships are the win, and COVID got us thinking about that more than ever. 

The question that we kept coming back to is, "How can we do a Sunday service that intentionally builds up relationships?"  Through prayer, brainstorming, and trial and error we developed a new way to do Sunday.  We dream of the day that people walk away from a Sunday morning inspired by a living God in real people's lives, not just a decent sermon and some good music.  

You can expect kids programing, middle and high school group, games, discussion and more! The whole morning should last about an hour.  

Come join us as we try a fresh approach to Sunday.  For questions email shelby@gatheringpeople.org.

Frequently asked questions

Does this mean Highland Lakes Camp is cancelling summer camps?

As of now, Highland Lakes Camp is planning on having all 4 sessions of Journey and Lift Camps as well as our summer Family and Children's Camps! The Camp Box is a way for us to bring the Highland Lakes Camp experience to those who are unable to come out to camp this summer.

What if I already paid a deposit for a summer camp at Highland Lakes Camp?

Good news! If your church has already put a deposit down for either Journey or Lift Camp... you get The Camp Box for FREE! Yep. You heard it right... FREE! Plus, your deposits can carry over to next year's camp! Contact the camp office to let us know how you want to proceed with your deposits.

How can I use The Camp Box?

Good question. In your order, you will agree to use The Camp Box material during your designated camp time. You'll also agree to NOT share the content outside of your church or individual use (based on what you order). This means if you purchase a church box, you can't just send the content to each of your students individually for personal use in their homes. If you have questions about our fair use policy, we would be happy to answer them for you! Please just call the camp office!

What about camp t-shirts and other camp swag?

You will have the opportunity to purchase the camp shirt and other swag in The Camp Box store. You can also visit the Highland Lakes Camp Store to purchase apparel and gifts you would find in our gift shop!

When will I receive The Camp Box?

You will receive an email within two days after you order with instructions on how to access and download the content. If you order shirts or other swag, you will receive an e-mail with an estimate of when you will receive your swag.