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At the Gathering, we believe in empowered believers changing the world by gathering together, growing together, and going together. We all have the same Holy Spirit inside us, and we ALL called to "go and tell the good news". We believe that these three steps will empower you - a believer - to change the world by reaching those who have either never met Jesus, or have walked away from him because they were hurt by religion.

Take a closer look at our process, and join us as we gather differently than you may be used to, grow intentionally in our faith, and go strategically into the world to reach those who are unlikely to step foot in a traditional "church".

Support Group

2020 has thrown everyone for a loop, and that means we are gathering differently than ever before! (Honestly, we kind of LOVE it)!

There is a mini-gathering in our community that is a perfect fit for you! Find out more HERE >>

Outdoor Study Group

Growing alone can be a challenge - growing TOGETHER is key! We have studies starting this fall to take us further than just Sunday mornings.

To find a study that fits your needs, click



We are all called to GO into the world and tell of the good news of Jesus. Most of the time we're content to sit in our church pews in an attempt to read and pray more... but what Jesus REALLY wanted was for us to go LOVE one another. Find our next Go Day HERE >>

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